Revolutionize your crystal-based product portfolio with us.

Unique Sapphire and YAG single-crystals technology.

World unique technology

Our technology is world unique and brings a noticable competitive advantage to our partners.

Future accelerated

Our motto is never to stop moving forward, towards your goals.
Innovation is in our blood.

Responsive product design

We are working hard to always adapt to your needs and requirements.

Customer first

Our products are customer specific & made with heart and enthusiasm.

Advanced Technology Crystals

Leverage the best
design and functions combined together

We are AT Crystals, a young, lean and highly motivated R&D company focusing on development of new ways to produce the world’s best high dimension doped YAG / Sapphire products.

Opening doors to new possibilities.

What makes us unique

What’s the result of our R&D?

Let’s get right to the point.

Our main characteristic is the geometrical (plate / slab) shape of obtained bulk crystals.
The specific shape of our bulk crystals allows for that rarely seen dimension advantage and therefore opens the doors to various new applications – such as bulletproof glass, large laser slabs / disks and more.

Our Team

Today’s business world is extremely dynamic and competitive. We are here to ease the pain of constant struggle for business and help you get ahead of your competition.

Here are some of our team members:

Prof. Milan Gregor

Prof, Ing, PhD.


Prof. Štefan Medvecký

Prof, Ing, PhD.


Tomáš Gregor

Ing., PhD.

CEO, Co-founder

Juraj Kajan

Ing., PhD.

Production Manager

Mariana Máchová


Administrative Assistant

Grigori Damazyan


Chief Technologist

Peter Mazák


Product Specialist

Marián Beniač


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